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Elevare Club

Acciva is a Proud Member of Elevare Club

We are dedicated to the success of entrepreneurs. At our core, we know that small businesses have an enormous impact on the economy and the communities they serve. Acciva provides financial services which help ensure that small business can continue making that impact.

Elevare Club shares our thoughts on the importance of small businesses. As a nonprofit organization, they provide a sense of community to small businesses throughout the country. They encourage small business owners to share one, unified voice to receive the advice, resources and help they need to succeed.

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We believe that small businesses should have access to the same financial tools as large corporations. This idea is what has inspired our financial leadership, business consulting, and accounting services.


The Elevare Club is a nonprofit organization built to educate, unite, and advocate for small businesses under $20M in revenue and fewer than 50 employees. Too often, small businesses get left behind to fend for themselves with no national support.

While we, as small businesses, have pockets of connectivity across the country, as a national community, we are extremely fragmented. Because of that fragmentation, we miss out on valuable educational opportunities, true unity, and a shared voice. It’s time to change that.

That’s where Elevare Club comes in. They act as a national resource center designed to help small business owners succeed and thrive in an ever-changing economy.

“We believe the American Dream is a universal idea. Yes, it began in the United States, but it is truly a universal dream of all people to live the best life they can, free from others telling them what to do, and when to do it. Fundamentally, the American Dream has been about people having the opportunity to create a better life for themselves through hard work, innovation, and faith.”

Elevare Club